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Consulting for Operational Development in both Manufacturing and Retail environment aim to add significant value to your business.


Business Plan Workshops

The Business Plan Workshop will be conducted over a 2 day period with the Dealer Management Team.

Facilitate discussions on all the Business Plan key areas:

  • Current Market overview
  • PEST Analysis
  • Competitor Strategies and Actions
  • Customer Profiles
  • Internal SWOT
  • Guide / Facilitate team to complete SWOT Analysis
  • Identify weaknesses and opportunities
  • Market Potential
  • Complete Competitor Analysis
  • Identify potential Business
  • Strategies
  • Financial and Resource Requirements
  • Impact




 About Us

Equal Career Services specialises in Training, Assessments and Consulting. We provide true quality and professional products and services based on years of knowledge and practical experience. Our offerings are accredited in South Africa and globally aligned with various unique brands.


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T: +27 (0)12 664 7301
146 Bauhinia Street
Highveld Techno Park
South Africa
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